Healthcare Services in Australia Realized in 2017

Healthcare is an important aspect of the human development index of any country along with its economic growth. Both physical and mental health are equal contributors in the overall well-being of a person. The Australian government believes in providing quality healthcare services to its citizens at affordable rates. The privately and publicly owned medical centres are dedicated to giving the best medical services to Australians twenty-four seven.

Solutions for all kinds of medical problems

The medical centres in Australia are present in all major cities and suburbs. These centres provide around the clock services. If a medical centre is not located near your place, then you can visit the clinic in your area which provides both office hours and after-hour services for emergencies. The medical centres and clinics treat all kinds of medical problems ailing children, women, men and senior citizens. You can visit these centres for flu vaccinations, childhood immunizations, cough and cold problems, chronic disease treatment, family planning issues, maternity services, diabetes treatment, lifestyle advice, minor surgeries, emergency first aid, substance misuse treatment, quitting smoking, pathological tests, X-rays and other ailments.

Medical Centres

Healthcare made affordable for all

The Australian government provides Medicare cards to all its citizens which help the card holders to get medical services at bulk-billing rates. Consultations, assessments, and testing are all bulk-billed by most of the health centres. The Medicare card is recognised all over Australia. Discounts are also given to pensioners. The Australian government bears eighty-five percent of the scheduled fee for outpatient services and seventy-five percent of the fee for inpatient services given by SmartClinics doctors and other doctors all over Australia to Medicare card holders.

Under the Medicare scheme, the government provides free treatment and accommodation for Medicare patients in public hospitals and covers seventy-five percent of the scheduled fee in case of private patients. Australians need not avoid getting treatment out of the fear of exorbitant medical expenses.

Focus on family and women’s health

Women are the backbone of many families. Women suffer from some common problems like menstrual disorders and urinary disorders. Going for regular checkups is very important but women generally avoid doing so just to spare the trouble and expense. But such problems, if avoided for long, can develop into chronic ailments. Usually, women visit health care centres for contraception advice, breast checks, pap smear tests, pregnancy tests and vaginal discomfort.

There are special womens health doctors who focus on women’s health problems. Along with physical problems, the mental problems which start after menopause also need attention. The health centres cover health care problems of the whole family. The children and elderly members of the family tend to suffer from some or the other ailment regularly. The child specialists and general physicians are there to help in such cases. The Ascot medical centre for families provides full family healthcare services.


Getting immediate treatment can save many lives. Regular medical checkups should be conducted for the whole family so that ailments can be identified sooner and treatment can be started. To get information on the medical centres near your location or specialist doctors and general physicians in your area, you can visit websites like https://www.smartclinics.com.au/medical-centres/ and book an appointment online. So visit a doctor the next time you experience any kind of physical or mental discomfort.