SEO Tips for Legal Professionals to Secure Clients Via Organic Search

Are you struggling to secure clients for your law firm? It might be a good idea to up the ante as far as your digital marketing efforts are concerned. To make that happen, you need to learn a few basic SEO for law firms. Google, being one of the top search engines in the market, is still the best way to generate clients for your law firm. Hence, it is important to study SEO carefully and learn a few things that you can incorporate into your marketing strategy.

Follow these tips for law firm marketing with the help of a search engine optimization service to rank higher and have your firm show up in related searches.

Leverage Authority, Aggregate Sites

It is important to adjust your expectations accordingly when it comes to SEO for law firms. Getting to number one is going to be tough, even when you incorporate specific niche keywords and your location. If you perform a test search, you will find a lot of paid ads in the result, plus the aggregator sites. These sites are going to be difficult to compete for since they are well-established. But instead of fighting them, why not leverage these sites instead?

For example, you can pay for ads on the aggregator sites so you can get exposure through their website (which is already ranked high up on Google search results). Your website will still get crawled through in the process and you can also tap into the high amount of traffic they get. It is a win-win situation for your law firm!

Keyword Mapping

A discussion on how to find the right keywords to target for your law firm is going to be subject for another topic. Instead, you need to master the art of keyword mapping. This technique involves optimizing pages that are based on your keyword intent. For example, you can use ‘money’ keywords for those looking for your service. Some example of keyphrases here would be “defense attorney near me” or “hire a DUI attorney”.

The next example of keyword mapping would be to utilize “discover” keywords. These are phrases that are often used by people looking for a specific type of service. For examples, you can try “Melbourne family attorney reviews” or “Melbourne family attorney cost”.

Finally, you can also use the “attention” technique when keyword mapping. This is something that web users utilize to find more information about a particular service. For example, “when to get an attorney for a car accident” or “car accident lawyer property damage”.

By covering all three methods of keyword mapping, you will be able to target three potential organic exposures for your law firm. This also means you get triple chances of finding a client that would want to use your services.

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